Nice job, my man. You’ve found The Abbey.

A great little pub that promises never to insult your intelligence by serving the same crap on tap, or the  same terrible heat-and-serve food as all those other pubs.  A place so obsessed on featuring great beers and quality repast it’s virtually indescribable. So again my man, congratulations.

And what’s that you say?  You’ve never heard of The Abbey? Well let’s say it’s “a-little-rough-around-the-edges”. Probably won’t win any beauty contests either.  And yeah, the service can be downright terrible at times too.  But 92 different beers to choose from  with 15 on draft?  Now that’s something, my man.  Something indeed. With that many beer choices, finding 10 or 12 to fall in love with, well, is a virtual slam dunk.

And the food?  Always made from scratch, fresh & never, never frozen.  With such illustrious & unique offerings as the addictive homemade Potato Chips with Gorgonzola drizzle and chives, the BBQ Chicken and Green Olive thin crust pizza, or the Baby Back Ribs so meticulously prepared the meat falls right off the bone, you’ll find eating here takes you way past ‘wanting to’, and right into ‘having to’.  And you burger guys…. well let’s just say winning “Best Burger” in Rhode Island 2 years in a row for their 12 different 10oz. hand-pressed & seasoned bad-boys hasn’t hurt this little gem’s reputation either.

So if you’re hankering for something other than the same ‘ol same ‘ol, and want some quality repast, rejoice my man and head on down.

The Abbey.  Pub nirvana is here.

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