Visiting New England – “Finding the Perfect Burger & Brew”

A surprisingly spacious, family-friendly dining area, an attractive long bar, 30 burger options (many you will find no where else), an extensive comfort foods menu and an astonishing 100 beers from around the world… The Abbey remains true to form — that is, genuine, neighborly and with time-tested proof of consistently great burgers. That combination is the greatest recipe any restaurant could ever give its customers!

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Nestled at 686 Admiral Street in the Northern section of Providence, The Abbey is bigger than it appears on the outside with its spacious interior and even bigger menu. The menu and food are large, delicious, and creative. A clear and concise burger menu shows you the burger and the ingredients along with which of their over 92 beers is the best pairing with it.

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Fork in the Rhode

The Abbey delivered one great burger at an unbelievable value. At the end of our meal, we discovered that their burgers were half-priced Monday thru Thursday during lunch service only. The Abbey was a pleasant surprise and I can’t wait to work my way through the rest of their menu. God Bless America!!

You know when you step foot into a place that is a member of the “Cheese and Burger Society” that the burgers are going to be good. And this spot is no exception. You could eat a burger a day here and go a long time before you repeat a burger – that’s how extensive the list is. If you had to nail us down to just one, we would go with the Honky Tonk. This burger-apocalypse is topped with pulled pork, Wisconsin Brick cheese, onion rings and BBQ sauce. It was perfectly cooked and a juicy mess–in the best possible sense!

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RHODE ISLAND: The Abbey in Providence is a little pub known for its burgers and beer. It has 14 different signature burgers, but the best is the “Hair-of-the-Dog-That-Bit-You” burger, a 10 oz burger smothered in sautéed onions and topped with a grilled sausage patty, fried egg, bacon, and American cheese.

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With a selections of 92 beers to choose from, The Abbey is a must stop for anyone touring the Providence Bars. The classic, warm atmosphere makes it one of the most welcoming spots in town to grab a drink with some friends.

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Customers Are Saying: “Best burgers in town. I’ve told others that they are the best and usually when you hype something like that, it disappoints. The burgers have not disappointed a single person. They have great choices and different types that people may not have tried before.” – Guy S. on Yelp!

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Boston does have its fair share of burger joints, and it also has a number of beer bars, but for some reason, the two rarely seem to be found under the same roof. This is why The Abbey is a must for burger lovers in and around Beantown–and for that matter Providence itself, along with other sections of Rhode Island and Eastern Massachusetts. 14 premium burgers? 92 different beers? Count us as big fans of this terrific little pub that is most definitely off the beaten path.